Harvard-Westlake Ohana Tea at the Huntington

Harvard-Westlake Ohana Tea at the Huntington

Today was a truly special day as parents from six different affinity groups at Harvard-Westlake came together for a memorable experience at The Huntington Gardens.

We were joined by six vibrant affinity groups: the French Club, Parents for African-Americans at Harvard-Westlake, Chinese Culture Club, Latin American Parents Association, Japanese Affinity Group, and Korean American Parents Association.

Hosted by the Harvard Westlake Asian American Pacific Islander Ohana Affinity Group, this field epitomized connection—one of the three pillars emphasized by President Rick Commons in his State of the School address.

We were especially honored to have Portia Collins, the Head of all Affinity groups, and Anita Dashiell-Sparks, the VP for Parent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Harvard-Westlake, join us. Their presence added invaluable depth and support to our gathering.

The day was filled with both cultural enrichment and delightful moments. We savored an incredible tea service featuring a variety of scrumptious foods and an assortment of cozy tea. The Aztec, Carmelized Pear, Rose, Signature blends were favorites!

As we strolled through the mesmerizing Chinese, Japanese, and Rose Gardens, the atmosphere was charged with a unique blend of cultural appreciation and community spirit.

A highlight was our exclusive look at the newly opened Japanese Heritage Shōya House. This historic 320-year-old magistrate’s house from Marugame, Japan, stands as a testament to sustainable living and community organizing from centuries past. Moved and meticulously reconstructed at The Huntington, the Shōya House adds another enriching layer to the garden’s offerings.

It was an uplifting day of not just exploring diverse landscapes but also of forging deeper connections within our Harvard-Westlake community. With the support and guidance of leaders like Portia and Anita, we continue to strengthen our commitment to inclusivity and connection.

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