Harvard-Westlake Lei


A specialty masterpiece lei for Harvard Westlake graduates, featuring a unique twist of 800-900 meticulously chosen petals. Its individually spray-painted red petals blend seamlessly with natural white orchids, creating a stunning symbol of achievement and pride.

This exquisite lei style is designed with a unique twisting pattern and uses 800-900 carefully selected petals. The red petals are each individually spray-painted and then combined with the natural white orchid-colored petals.

* The length of each lei is 38 inches.
* Care: Sprinkle lightly with water and place in an airtight container or plastic bag. (Do not sprinkle with water if using lei that day.) Refrigerate.
* Pictured Haku is not included. If interested, add Diamond Head Haku to your cart.

How to care for your leis:

1. Open the box immediately to release any hot air.
2. Loosen up the leis if needed. To loosen, gently fluff the lei so the bottom layer is not warm. If the paper lining feels wet, please replace it with paper towels or newspaper.
3. Orchid leis can last for up to 7 days when properly cared for.
4. DO NOT store in freezer! It is important that they are not too hot or too cold.
5. If a lei looks soft, you may sprinkle it with water, place in a Ziploc® bag or plastic bag and put back in the refrigerator to revive the flower. Set your refrigerator on its warmest setting. ideal temperature is 50°–55° F.

General tips for leis & loose orchid blooms:

1. For smaller orders, store them on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator, for example in a vegetable bin lined with newspaper.
2. Carefully place the lei(s) in a plastic bag.
3. For large/bulk orders, make sure the leis are stored in either a walk-in refrigerator, a flower cooler or similar. If a refrigerator is unavailable, leis can be stored in a cooler with ice.
4. Make sure the leis do not touch the ice, instead put some newspaper or a towel on top of the ice.
5. If none of the above is available, store the leis in an air-conditioned room and avoid heat.

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